Why it is so important to have a satellite phone when going on an expedition or adventure.

As I’m sure you are aware normal mobile phone coverage has its limitations. They are not always able to get coverage in remote areas and are therefore useless in a time of need if you are out of mobile phone coverage. Even with the 4G networks now in place there are still many dead spots where you will have little or no coverage.

This is where a satellite phone becomes a necessity as opposed to a want. There are a few satellite phones to choose from, the most reliable and user friendly being the isatphone pro, Iridium 9555 and the Iridium 9575. Satellite phones work off of the satellite network which covers the whole world. So if you are out climbing a mountain or just exploring the remote areas of Australia you will find that you require a satellite phone for safety and emergency situations and simple peace of mind.

Below are a few examples where Buy satellite phone will be required.

If you are exploring with a group of people, all with a different skill set, you may get separated. A satellite phone will be the only way you can contact each other and give your coordinates with the inbuilt GPS. This is very important. If the group were to get separated you need to be sure that everyone is able to regroup.
If there is a sudden change in weather while you are out exploring it could be catastrophic if you do not have a means of communicating with the outside world. Imagine being stuck in a storm on the side of a mountain and having no way of getting down. It’s not a pleasant thought and is a terrible situation to be stuck in.

In case of injury a satellite phone could become your only way to get the help that you need. When exploring many things can happen, you could fall, get a deep wound, get attacked by wildlife such as snakes and spiders or simply sprain something leaving you unable to walk. To contact emergency service when in remote areas a satellite phone will be required.

On a more personal level you may just be missing home and want to be able to communicate with family or friends while you are on your little adventure. Once you are outside of normal mobile range it is impossible unless you have a satellite phone.

Another important feature of the satellite phones mentioned is that they are fitted with GPS as mentioned before. This doesn’t just help people to find you if lost but is also a very handy tool for you to use when planning your journey. You can map out your whole journey using the navigation function. This not only helps you in your travels but can also be used so that someone will always know where you are at. If nobody hears from you when expected they will know where to look.

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Why do You Need a Satellite Phone

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