Will my Iridium 9555 Satellite phone be waterproof?

The simple response is no. Although iridium provided a standard 12 month producers guarantee versus parts and labor it does not however cover the phone being submerged in water.
iridium 9575 satellite phone is quite robust, and used to our rough disorders and consists of rubber buttons, rubber surrounds and rubber grommets to stay out dirt to make it water resistant. The meaning being water resistant and not water resistant.

So in solution to, is my iridium 9555 satellite subsidy scheme if submerge, d we think the water would get with and leak into the motherboard make the phone worthless.
To obtain around this, 90+ percent of our clients at satellitephonesales.com. au have purchased the 1200 Pelican instance, starting at a price of just $129. The evident point regarding the Pelican situation is that they are dustproof, water resistant and shockproof. So not only do they safeguard your financial investment yet they also keep all the devices in one location.

We would acquire 10 telephone call a day with the requirement for a new cigarette lighter battery charger, magnetic roof covering install aerial or keys charger, or simply a USB cable television that have gone missing from the package. So this is where the Pelican situation enters its own, not just will it shield your financial investment being the satellite phone itself from the elements outside when you’re utilizing it but additionally it will certainly preserve in people the accessories in one location.

In our experience it is typically not the purchaser who is using the phone but an end individual, and hence they could not necessarily look after the financial investment of the satellite phone as you would do if you are the owner. To this end it is not unusual for us to come across damage satellite phones have rolled off the front seat when having to brake challenging or going over a pothole, so we strongly recommend the Pelican situation as a means of shielding their financial investment in the phone itself but also the accessories.

At $90 just to change the cigarette lighter battery charger by itself, you could see that by purchasing a Pelican instance the moment of buying phone could often be terrific bookkeeping, not only would it shield the phone yet in keeping the devices with each other you will certainly locate that the demand to switch out accessories at almost the very same cost of the situation itself comes to be limited.

So shield your investment today with a Pelican 1200 custom moulded significant five satellite phone instance. You could obtain those@satellitephonesales.com.au or by calling us on one 300 197 600

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